What will I do this summer?

06 May 2020

Off the top of my head, these are some possible options this summer.

  1. Self Improvement. This summer would be a good time to explore and self-improve. I would work on projects, explore new topics, and also improve my organization. Some possibilities:
    • Machine Learning
    • CompNeuro
    • Server and Network Design
    • Stocks and Market Research
    • Reading
    • Exercise
    • Handwriting
  2. Internship. It is a bit late, but exploring industry would be a new and useful experience. It would be virtual, so the experience would be quite different.
  3. Research. Working in a lab would be enriching and productive. I have spent my past three summers interning in various labs, so I’m hoping to explore some other options. However, given the circumstances, this may not be very viable.
  4. Wild Card. Something unconventional (for me at least). Now’s probably not the time though, but I’ll keep this in mind for the future.
    • Apple Picker
    • Farm Hand
    • Court Runner
    • Summer Camp Counselor