What I did this summer

01 September 2020

If you’re curious, I ended up not doing any of my brainstorms from earlier in the summer.

I applied to work at Starbucks and Trader Joe’s, but got rejected by both. I was offered a job as a CS tutor, but decided to turn down the offer.

Instead, I spent time with my family and friends, and also worked on myself.

I biked everyday this summer, usually around my neighborhood but sometimes extending further if I felt adventurous. I went on a 25-mile bike trip to Almaden Lake with my friends and another scenic bike ride around Stanford.

Every week, I cooked a meal for my family with my brother. I can now make a mean carbonara (tip: add a spoonful of miso). We also made tacos, pizza, burgers and experimented with a korean taco fusion.

I created a college app workshop with four friends. We later spent a day together hiking at Montalvo, picnicking at Shoreline, catching the sunset at the Pescadero beach, and chomping on s’mores while sharing ghost stories.

I played a lot of Civilization VI (truthfully a bit too much), but I had lots of fun and don’t regret it.

I frequented parks around me, reading poetry and books, sketching in my artbook, and enjoying the scenery.

My family and I took a short trip up to Lake Tahoe. We hiked, fished, and went to the beach. I also learned how scary driving in the Tahoe mountain ranges can be, especially at night.

I played around with some small CS projects, refreshed myself on Python and Java, and did some work preparing for classes at Yale.