My first semester at college

21 November 2020

This semester at Yale has been absolutely amazing and the best three months I could have ever asked for. Despite the given pandemic, I feel like I have taken every opportunity to explore, make friends, and take risks.

Here are some moments I loved

  • Playing frisbee in the courtyard during the first week, trying to connect silhouettes to names
  • Hiking to East Rock and biking to West Rock
  • Stargazing from the secret courtyard while answering 36 questions
  • Visiting the Yale Art Museum, going out for Ramen, and stargazing from a random rooftop
  • Late nights exploring campus and trying to sneak into the buildings on Science Hill
  • Charging into the freezing ocean in our undies at 3 AM
  • A sleepless last night spent talking, dancing, watching It, giving hugs

What I learned

  • Academia and research are probably not for me
  • Finding a balance between working hard and playing hard makes life so much easier
  • Being spontaneous and taking a leap of faith spices up life
  • It’s important to think about the future but I have to be flexible and open-minded with the big picture

Some things I want to keep on doing

  • Keeping in touch with friends during break and our semester apart
  • Zoom nights with 2E playing games, watching movies, and bonding
  • Making friends and finding new organizations to explore
  • Working on this blog!!

What I want to work on in the future

  • Connecting and reaching out to Dean Rosas and Prof. T more
  • Finding clubs/organizations which I’m passionate about
  • Using university resources more and creating stronger connections with professors
  • Keeping in touch with acquaintances and friends home

More amazing memories

  • Movie and tea nights with 2E (our hallway)
  • Traversing a corn maze and picking apples + pumpkins
  • The awe of exploring campus for the first time after quarantine
  • Playing ping pong
  • Spending time with Jonathan listening to him play piano
  • Painting pumpkins and “Trick or treating”
  • Playing spikeball for 3 hours straight in the Murray tournament